Clive Wright performs at the Conscious Life Expo

Experience a world class musician ‘Duet’ with living plants. This performance features an instrument that gives a voice to the plants — the new music of the Bamboo M!


Clive Wright will be playing duets with plants at this year’s Conscious Life Expo on February 8th (Saturday) at 4:00 p.m. Lax Hilton For this unique collaboration, Clive will be connecting multiple plants to The Music of the Plants device and accompanying them with his guitar.

Following the performance, you can personally speak with Clive at booth #801. Here you can get additional information on Music of the Plants as well as purchase Clive’s CD’s featuring duets with plants.

Check out his albums in the sidebar, and visit his youtube channel for previous live performances, and for his historical collaborations with Harold Budd and Cock Robin,

Location Details:

LAX Hilton Main Lobby 5711 W. Century Blvd. near the Los Angeles International Airport

Clive is available for event bookings. Contact him personally for more information at

below is the event poster for the featured music at the LAX Hilton

To visit the Conscious Life Expo’s website go to

Homecoming’ An acoustic guitar duet with a plant composing with the Bamboo M, from the latest album!