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Clive Wright

I have been playing Clive's new CD at my office while doing skin care treatments & quantum biofeedback sessions on clients. They are really loving it. Would be great for massage & spa treatments, too. Thanks, Clive.

Elizabeth  Bird Skin care specialist and health therapist

In the sky, stars shine with subtle brilliance that can only be seen after the sun sets. After darkness has fallen over the land. Then, silence opens invisible doors and allows the sounds of the night to filter through the strings of a guitar. An guitar that has been tuned in harmony with the Universe and to the critical ear of a musician named Clive Wright.

With the energy coming from images of the unique stellar experience that our astronomy creates, Clive sails smoothly upon the colorful seas of reds and blues. Gliding on the waves of beauty and sounds of galactic wonder, he plays melodies spilling from the live pageantry of parading galaxies and nebulae. Stars, speaking their stories through the interpretive sensitivity of a musical master in ambient composition.
Our group,
scdva.org, has had the great pleasure of being a small part of the creation of this star driven music, and now, have the great pleasure to play it during our regular presentations in recapturing the energy that brought it to be. The soul of the Universe, singing it's songs.... through the fingers and skill of Clive's sounds of cosmic magic!

Tom O'Key for team scdva.org

Tom Okey
Team S.C.D.V.Ahttp://www.scdva.org/http://www.scdva.org/http://www.scdva.org/shapeimage_3_link_0shapeimage_3_link_1

Southern California

Desert Video Astronomers

Clive Wright has delivered the perfect musical ambiance to many of the Aerie's events. Whether playing solo or with a group of friends, from weddings to sublimely intimate parties, we can count on Clive to create the perfect acoustical vibe. 
As a hostess  and instructor for Yoga classes at the Aerie I play Clives recorded ambient works as a relaxing yet focussed backdrop for the class, his music is very popular with the students. 
Clive is a pro, through and through, possibly the greatest guitarist in the high desert.

Liz Mediaville, Yoga Instructor and owner of Le Haute Desert Aerie


Magnolia Day Spa Wow, your music is marvelous!