Guest House in Joshua Tree


Located about half a mile from the  west gate of the Joshua Tree National park entrance, this cute little cabin makes an ideal weekend or vacation rental. We have walks within 1 minute Walking distance which appear as you you were already in the park itself.

You will enjoy the tranquil unique beauty of the Joshua Trees and surrounding rocks, yet have the option of Wi Fi connection for your portable devices, Hot Baths, a comfortable bed and a cooking facility provided by a small kitchenette.

  Outside seating areas are provided, and there is also a above ground swimming pool for the warmer months.

the cabin in perfect for single or couple occupancy, and is popular amongst artists, musicians,  writers , climbers and other professionals seeking to get away from the city.

We have very affordable rates, contact us here for more information:


          the guest house in  2002 with less foliage

Kitchenette provided.

with 3 burner gas stove

and Refrigerator

check current

Joshua Tree

weather conditions.

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