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it is significant that Deluge, the electronic portion of a live performance by guitarist, artist Clive Wright for New York film maker Jonathan Bermans forth coming new film documentary, the majority of music was recorded just a few hours before the 9.0 earthquake and Tsunami hit Japan on March 11th 2011. ‘Invocation’ and Arrival of the Sky Whales’ the first and last tracks were recorded during setup the previous evening.  The music is improvisational, however it imparts a sense of an apocalyptic vista, a window into this age of seemingly endless catastrophe events.

Deluge conveys an otherworldly somber and eerie mood, yet within the disturbing under currents, lives an aching beauty with moments of hope and release. It is the third live ambient album release that Wright has produced in 6 months and continues with his concept of painting a spontaneous, impressionistic aural landscape without using pre existing musical structures.

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